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Hudspith's Brickworks

1848     South Tyne Fireclay Works

             Nelson and Fawcet, Brickmakers of Carlisle

1855     Nelson and Co Brick Manufacturers

1914     Blackett and South Tyne

             Brick and Tile Works

1861     Michael Matthews Brick Manufacturer

            employing 7 men & 8 boys

1861     William Hudspith Tile, Brick & Sewage Pipe

             Manufacturer employing 20 men 1 boy

1858     South Tyne Brickworks  Firebrick and Drainpipes

             owners:Thomas and James Nelson

1871     William Hudspith Manufacturer of fire clay

             employing 24 men & 19 boys

1881     William Hudspith Manufacturer of fire clay

            employing 44 hands

1876     Fireclay works owned by Mr. William Hudspith

             manufacturer of bricks tiles troughs


1851     John Matthews Brick Manufacturer employing 7 men

1891     William Hudspith Manufacturer of Firebrick

Works  at  The  Bend  in  The  Burn

1920    South Tyne Works disused

The Brickworks  - Time-Line  

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Works at the bend in the  Burn
Works at Town Foot